We help you grow your audience

Narrow provides a simple, effective workflow for organically growing your Twitter following and increasing engagement. Our revamped product takes the guesswork out of marketing on Twitter.

Growing your Twitter account

Tool + Playbook

We’ve learned that the most effective method for building a following is through social reciprocation: By following your target audience, your audience gets exposure to your brand.

Narrow shows you which keywords are producing the best results so that you can optimize your strategy around them. It also highlights users that haven’t followed you back in case you want to unfollow them. You have full control.

The Backstory

Over the past five years, we’ve helped thousands of brands grow their audiences by automating targeted interactions on Twitter.

Now, we’re rebuilding Narrow from the ground up to not only comply with Twitter’s new rules but to also take what we’ve learned and make the product even better.

An Efficient Process

Narrow is designed to be used for five minutes – or fewer – per day. Our streamlined workflow takes the hassle out of a process that would take an hour on Twitter.

Built for Scalability

Whether you're operating a single Twitter account or managing a large portfolio, Narrow can accommodate. No need to fuss with multiple logins; you can manage it all from the same dashboard.